Sandblasting Rainbow Victoria


The sandblasting process is an effective way to clean products and remove unwanted layers of material.

Sandblasting can be used to clean small parts such as gears, valves, pistons and metal casings of unwanted buildup through to large items such as cars, trucks, boats, buildings, swimming pools, silos, industrial premises, mining equipment. This process also paves the way for preparing surfaces for other processes such as welding, coating, painting and plating.

As well as cleaning off very dirty surfaces or equipment, sandblasting can also remove old coatings, scale and rust. This process will leave your materials clean and refreshed and ready for resurfacing, painting or welding.

Plastic bead blasting is also available.

At 15m x 6m x 4.5m, our blast booth is large enough to fit a 4 deck stock crate.

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Mobile Sandblasting Rainbow Victoria

Mobile Sandblasting

We can come to you.

Our mobile compressor works with 400 cfm and is perfect for cleaning silos, inside swimming pools, walls, ceilings and brickwork wherever you are.

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  • Fast and effective cleaning

  • Removing unwanted elements or buildup from surfaces

  • Removing pitting and rust spots

  • Prepare surfaces for refinishing

  • Safer than using chemicals and acids