About us

About Us

Spray Painting and Mobile and Onsite Sandblasting

In 1923 T. Ismay & Co. was formed as a hardware store / Master Builders in Rainbow, rural Victoria.  In 1978 Ron Ismay established the sandblasting arm of the business.  It began with a Volkswagen 60 cfm compressor to a 250 cfm compressor doing mobile work.

In 1994, a 15m x 16m x 4.5m blast booth was built on the premises and two years later in 1996 a low bake, heated spray booth the same size was added.

In 2004, a new 400 cfm 125psi compressor was added to the business to keep up with the demand for on-site work.

Backed by an experienced, professional team, T. Ismay & Co have the services and solutions for you specialising in sandblasting and spray painting farm machinery, cars, trucks, boats, trailers, garden furniture, garden features, headers, silos, field bins, seeders, mining equipment, industrial premises, swimming pools, buildings, walls and automobile parts.

For more information about how we can help you with your next project, please contact us for a free estimation.

Renew ∗ Reuse ∗ Reclaim ∗ Restore

You’ve spent your hard earned money to buy it, don’t throw it away, restore it and bring it back to life. Renewing saves money, reduces waste, energy and landfill.

In our disposable world, so much is thrown away when it seems that it has come to the end of its life or looks warn out, faded or you want another colour. T.Ismay & Co can help you restore, reclaim or renew it so you can reuse it.

From farm machinery, cars and trucks to your garden furniture, swimming pool and silos, talk to us today about how we can take it from warn out back to treasure.